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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

1. Racket Grip (Grip)

1. Racket Grip (Grip)
Badminton was known as the sport that much use of the wrist. Therefore, whether or how to hold the racket will largely determine the quality of one's punches.
One of the basic technique of badminton is very important ruled correctly by all candidates victory over the racket handle. Master the ways and techniques racket handle that very well, is an important capital to be able to play badminton well too. Therefore, if the racket grip technique wrong from the start, hard to improve the quality of the game. Correct racket grip is the foundation to develop and enhance all types of punches in the game of badminton.
How to handle that right is the racquet racket must be held with the fingers (finger joint) with a flexible, relaxed, yet must remain powered when the strike kok. Avoid holding the racket with how to use the palm of the hand (like holding a machete).
Racket Grip Type Basically, the known number of ways racket handle. However, only two forms of handles that are often used in practice, namely how to hold the racket forehand and backhand. All types of stroke in badminton done with these two types of grip.
Two kinds of how to hold a racket on top, in fact used interchangeably depending on the situation and condition of the game. For the initial stage of the beginners are usually taught how to hold the first forehand, then backhand.
In the end for the already skilled players will be seen the handle of his racket just one grip. This occurs because the shift of the handrails to the backhand and forehand on the contrary are few and occur automatically.
Correct racket handle, and harness the wrist when hit really, can improve quality and accelerate the pace of the course of blows really. This means, already use energy more efficiently but effectively. That's why, since the early trainees should familiarize strike kok using wrist force (power whip).
How to Hold the Racket forehand 1. Hold the racket with his left hand, racket head sideways. Hold the racquet in that way "handshake". Form a "V" hand placed on the handle of the racket. 2. Three fingers, namely tengan finger, and pinkie sweet racket grip, while the index finger slightly apart. 3. Put three fingers between the thumb and forefinger.
How to Hold the racket backhand For the backhand griop, slide the "V" hand to the inside. Located next to the inside. thumb pads located on the racket handle wide.
How to Exercise Before practice exercises blow, need to do exercises for adaptation to move their wrist while holding the racket properly. 1. Trainees familiarized always hold racket with your fingers, flexible, and remain relaxed, but still have power. 2. Perform movement axah racket to the right and left, with the use of the wrist. Likewise, movement forward and backward, so that was really the bending of the wrist. 3. Move your wrists up and down. 4. Hitting the ball (how) to the wall. 5. Bounce ball.
Mistakes Happen a. Hold the racket with a grip, the fingers and parallel meetings. b. Position "V" hand is in the grip of big racket.